Customized Arabic Koha Installations and Implementations:

To ensure the safety and security of your database, KnowledgeWare Technologies offers a complete hosted environment on KnowledgeWare rented equipment placed in the AWS virtual networking cloud. This also delivers improved performance for both your staff and your users. Other functions include the maintenance of your Linux server, the management of databases with real-time backups, and the installation of updates and upgrades to both the Linux server and your Koha ILS software. We also have options for installing Koha on local servers at your library. With the correct remote access we could completely manage the installation at your library.


Data Migration and Data Manipulation:

Skilled manipulation of library data is the key to a successful migration. Because it is the most important representation of a library’s collection, we take the time to proficiently manage your data. Before we move your data into any new system we check each record for accuracy, identifying and manipulating each record for the correct encoding and diacritical display. We work closely with each library to ensure there are no duplicate entries and to consistently use the highest quality records for complete accuracy of bibliographic detail. In addition, each of our new customers receives a test system during the migration process to practice with and to be trained on.


Expert Anytime Arabic Koha Support:

Quality of support is the most important focus of our company and we pride ourselves on the implementation of this key feature. KnowledgeWare Tehnologies has the lowest customer to support personnel ratio in the business, and we are hiring additional support specialists regularly. If you are having an issue with your system, our support team will help to solve the problem. Our top rated 24/7 support package is completely comprehensive and ensures the best possible Koha experience for our customers. We also ensure all of our customers have the tools to be plugged into the wealth of knowledge and expertise available within the Koha community.


Arabic Koha Hosting Services:

KnowledgeWare Technologies plans and prepares for the worst by taking the following precautions and installing the following safeguards to protect your data. We perform a daily or a weekly backup of all system data stored on the cloud. This information is saved both on-site and off-site, and is comprised of the all of the system data, and all other information found on the main server. If you so choose, we can also set up an additional system backup onsite at your library’s location and populate that daily or weekly for an additional fee.


Comprehensive Arabic Koha Training:

Our company is dedicated to the expert training and implementation of Arabic Koha. We provide multiple formats for different learning styles rolexs replica including on-site, hands-on, classroom style learning, on-line presentations and demonstrations, and internally produced training manuals.


Arabic Koha Localization:

KnowledgeWare Technologies fully embraces the ideals and practices of open source software. Because of this all Arabic localization work implemented on Koha will be publicly available at all times. KnowledgeWare is the agent responsible of managing the translating of Koha user interface, OPAC and Staff clients, to Arabic since 2008.