Bootstrap Example

Requirements & Installation

Cinque Terre

Requirements in Brief You will need a web server with MySQL ( > 4.1) and PHP ( > 5, preferably >= 5.2), and permission to create a new MySQL database. The administration backend requires JavaScript to work properly. More information on the wiki.

Installation (there's a video)

  1. Download the files & put on your webserver
  2. Create a new empty MySQL database, and a user with SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, ALTER & DELETE privileges
  3. Visit the /control/ folder with your browser
  4. Follow the simple instructions
  5. (More detailed instructions in readme and on the wiki)

Upgrade from 3.x, 2.x or 1.x

The installer is also an upgrader; if you put in the credentials for an existing database, it will assume you want to upgrade. Step 1: Back everything up. Step 2: Get thee to the wiki. .

Oh. Sorry to hear you're having trouble. This is what I'd do:

  1. Check the wiki There's a lot of information there, including troubleshooting tips.
  2. Post to the Google Group Most problems have been encountered before, and someone generally responds pretty quickly. You could search the archives, too.
  3. And there are some videos on YouTube.