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about kwareict

KnowledgeWARE Technologies (Kware) is a pan Arab systems integration firm which specializes in Bilingual (Arabic/English) Information Access Technology (IAT) based solutions for government agencies and commercial corporations. Kware founders have expertise in systems Arabization, virtual library information networks, intelligent search and retrieval tools, enterprise applications development and deployment, electronic databases access, knowledge management, document imaging and document capturing, and have successfully provided technical support and integration services for hundreds of commercial and government clients.

With its corporate headquarters located in Riyadh and its regional localization service office in Egypt and with its sales and support offices in Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Cairo and Kuwait, the company is convenient to government and commercial clients located throughout Saudi, GCC and Middle East areas. Kware often initiates projects by providing on-site technology demonstrations which allow end users and technical evaluators to become familiar with the latest knowledge and information access management technologies.

Kware was founded to capitalize on the rapidly growing knowledge, library, archiving, document and content management in the Arabic markets. The company extensive experience with systems Arabization and its understanding of the local Arabic market needs have positioned it uniquely in the crowd for delivering and supporting true world-class enterprise applications that are perfectly localized to meet the Arabic user needs.

Nowadays Kware is focusing on OSS (Open Source Software) lines of IAT based products and Social Networking concepts and trends, which are deriving today Web 2.0 apps, via solutions servicing needs like Integrated Library Systems, Community Digital Libraries, Institutional Repository Systems, Federated Search and Reference Linking (OpenURL), Document Delivery, Smart Knowledge Portals, and Business Intelligence, utilizing Full-Text engines and Authority listings to build the foundation of such solutions in a manner that enables proper handling of Arabic text indexing so that easy, comprehensive and focused access of Arabic information and retrieval become possible.

In addition to traditional systems integration work, Kware offers professional services including end user training, library and imaging systems consulting, WWW system development, needs analysis, system design, software development, and document backfile conversion. On-site systems maintenance is available for all turn-key systems configured and installed by Kware. The on-site maintenance contracts feature a guaranteed rapid response to prevent any extended downtime.

Kware serves to provide its clients with the best available IAT solutions in a cost-effective manner. Off-the-shelf components are utilized whenever possible in order to maximize cost savings. However, custom solutions integrated with COTS API interfaces are available to allow the client to meet 100% of their specified requirements.